Lime Bike


Comet cleaner on kitchen counter close to a stove. The Creative Gentleman created this image for Comet as part of the Comet Clean campaign.

Comet Cleaner

bows-n-ties-yellow-medallion-tie | The Creative Gentleman | Men's Ties.JPG

Bows n Ties



A green plate with sweet potatoes, chicken wings, brown rice, and Tommy's Superfoods Seasoned Super Green veggies. The Creative Gentleman created this image as part of Tommy's Superfoods think veggies first campaign. 

Tommy's Superfoods


WHAT? Watch

Asos Man Us


Paul Evans Ny

Dove Men + Care


Image of brand influencer the creative gentleman holding a slice of  &pizza with a black and white &pizza box. He is wearing a grey tee shirt with white polka dots, clear framed glasses, a yellow hat with a number three in the front, and a watch with a denim strap.