Designer Nicholas P. Elliott’s debut his fall collection at New York Fashion Week, which is inspired by his Scottish heritage. It featured models wearing an array of tartan plaids, flared trousers made from tweed,  kilts, and cropped jackets. The collection was visibly pleasing on the spectators eyes. His use of vibrant colors was a pleasant surprise. Elliot takes pride in using unique textiles, attention to detail, and creating bold statement pieces.  

You'll see how he inserted youthful graphics into the line with Elliott Sport. His father owned a sports store in Scotland with that name. Elliot mixed futuristic and old school vibes through his use of asymmetrical lines which lined many of the designers outfits.

What really stands out is that the whole collection was designed and produced in New York City. In a time where transparency is key, the brand positions itself as ethically made, adhering to national standards. This will strike a cord with consious consumers.

What to Expect: N-p-Elliot brings a vibrant collection for the fall. This collection has evolved from the collection that we have seen from them in the past. I get the feel that the 90's fashion is making a come back!