What's up y'all?! Do you have clothes in your closet that you've never worn or only worn once and forgot about it? Well, that's me every. single. day. I used to buy clothing non-stop until wifey put her foot down (lol). I guess I took the shopping thing a little too far *evil grin*. Anyway, lets get back to the topic at hand, styling a military jacket. I purchased this military jacket from J.Crew a couple years back and haven't quite put it to use the way I should have, so I decided that I would bring it back to life.

I could have easily just decided to where a pair of dark denim and a brown boot, but thats not the way this outfit is going down today. I mean, why be basic when you can stand out? I am going to break down the components of this look in hopes that you'll be inspired to grab that military jacket you had sitting around and wear it like a suit of armor. 

Purple and green often pair well together, so I grabbed my purple ripped jeans from asos and got to work. I had a DIY project on my hands because the pants were super long, but I am glad I did because the purple jeans add the right pop of color to the outfit. 

When selecting my shirt, I had to channel my inner Bill Belichick and go with an oversized pullover tee shirt. I chose charcoal grey to break up the green a purple tones; pulling the look together in a cohesive way.

I decided to give my lace up boots a break and picked up a pair of light grey chelsea boots. The pastel purple really compliments the grey, in my opinion.  Lets take a moment to recognize the nice touch the pop of brown provided to this look, too. 

 Not only does the outfit make me feel great but it fits well too!

I can't wait to see you all bring your military jacket back to life! Tag me in your creations!

Stay Fresh!


All images were captured and edited by me on a canon 80D.



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