I think I am officially beat. This weekend was action packed for me. I participated in two photowalks and met so many amazing people. Walk With Locals hosted a special walk where they collaborated with Compass Coffee DC, Kodak Camera Club, and 202filmcollective. We had the chance to enjoy some coffee, meet the founders of Compass Coffee DC, and learn about the Kodak Camera Club and 202filmcollective, respectively. 

About compass Coffee

Compass Coffee DC is located at 1535 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 in the SHAW neighborhood. The two co-founders are ex-marines and gained the inspiration to create their own brews based on their travels around the world. Their origin brews are sourced from Guatemala, Indonesia, Kona and other spots around the globe. Not only does the menu offer origin brews, but you'll find sandwich and pastry options. May I add that most of the sandwiches and pastries that they offer are sourced locally! At the moment their are 7 other locations scattered around the city, with plans to open more locations in the near future. Most of their locations open anywhere from 5:30am-9pm. (hours vary by location) Compass Coffee DC is your one stop shop to catch a cup of coffee, enjoy some pastries, and get some work done in their spacious locations. 

Let's move

To start the walk, we exitied Compass Coffee and made a left. After a couple of right turns we ended up at a cool mini skate park. The photographers wasted no time getting to work, executing on visions, and conversing with other photographers. My goal was to capture the faces of DC, so I focused on portrait shots. 

I love getting involved with these walks because it forces me to work outside of my comfort zone. I am very observant and do not tend to engage in conversation with people I do not know easily. On these walks, the people make it so easy to jump in and join the convo. The walk organizers strongly encourage that you walk with people that are not your friends. Get used to the random taps on the shoulder and people grabbing you to take pics. I love all of it! 

Oh yeah, I forgot. I think I am going to get into film photography based on some conversations I've had with the film community. 202filmcollective will be hearing from me soon!

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Peace Y'all!