I received a major upgrade to my sneaker collection this Father’s Day. Taft posted photos of their upcoming releases, which featured a Jawbreaker inspired lace up sneaker. If you know me, then you know that I love unique sneakers such as the Jawbreakers. I commented on Taft’s Instagram page about the shoe and how much I loved them, and I guess my wife caught wind of it. Long story short, I opened a package on Father’s Day and here they are! I have my own pair of The Jawbreakers.

The Jawbreaker sports an Italian sole, Italian wool upper, and 360 stitching. They fit true to size, so no need trying to figure out what size to get.

If you are thinking about copping these sneakers, I would highly recommend them. They will add flavor to your shoe collection and turn heads wherever you go. I personally love the speckle of colors throughout the sneakers and low top cut.

Quick summertime styling tips for The Jawbreaker

·      Cropped pant, Cropped denim or cuffed denim (you can practically wear any color denim with these)

·      Striped tee shirt (the darker the better, but lighter colors will do as well)

·      Pair of shades (tortoise)